Multiva 1.5T

Multiva 1.5T meets your need for fast, high-quality routine MR imaging, while excelling in advanced clinical areas so that you can tap new opportunities and expand your referral base.

Multiva delivers:

• High quality routine imaging in as little as 10 minutes
• Advanced clinical applications, including whole body, oncology and breast imaging
• Up to 40% reduction in patient/coil set up time with new FlexStream workflow
• Affordability – today and for the life of your system

Proven technology, top performance

With Multiva you benefit from Philips innovative and proven technology - from both the Ingenia and Achieva systems - that is acclaimed for its speed, clinical competence and robust reliability. And now we’ve added innovations designed specifically for busy departments expecting high performance levels that help you offer your patients efficient service and confident diagnoses.