Company Profile

Medilines was established on July 12, 2002. It started as a distributor of B. Braun Medical Supplies and B. Braun Avitum dialysis equipment and consumables. 

By 2008. Medilines re-invented itself from medical supplies to medical equipment and instruments.
Among its principals then were B.Braun, Dräger, Primedic, Brand Meditec,  ARI Technology, RZ Medizintechnik, GE Healthcare, CA-MI , Samsung and Philips Healthcare. 
In 2015, Medilines started to focus on Diagnostics Imaging , Radiation Therapy and Dialysis. 
Today, Medilines distributes Siemens Diagnostic Imaging such as MRI, CT Scan, Cathlab, X-Ray , C-Arm, PET CT and SPECT CT. For Radiation Theraphy, Varian Linear Accelerator and On Board Imager (OBI). 
In order to achieve sustainability, Medilines beefed up its sales force enabling it to cover government and private hospital nationwide. It also employs biomedical engineers and technicians to provide after-sales service.
Our mission is to provide our customers with best value products while conducting our business with utmost professionalism. The company strives to create the best working place in the industry in terms of employee endearment, career and professional growth and work-life balance.
We are committed to improving the lives of Filipinos through continuous introduction of life saving products and becoming a major medical equipment and intruments company in categories we know best.

Our Values:

Zeal We are a professional company that adheres to high ethical standards in providing excellent healthcare service.
Enthusiasm We are a trusted business partner with passion for excellence, highly motivated and whose main objective is customer satisfaction.
Nurturing We enjoy and find fulfillment in exceeding expectations and providing the best products and services in the industry.

Our caring principals:

B.Braun Avitum, Germany
Varian Medical System, USA
Siemens Healtineers, Germany