Philips MammoDiagnost AR

Around the world, more and more healthcare professionals are shifting their focus to mammography. This is true for single medical facilities, as well as for governments planning to introduce screening in their countries. In choosing MammoDiagnost AR from Philips, you get a quality solution and the services associated with a global leader in healthcare and well-being.

MammoDiagnost AR key advantages:
Cost-effective solution for basic mammography exams, including screening and diagnostic and stereotactic biopsy
Smooth workflow and good image quality
All digital mammography enhancements available by adding PCR Eleva


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Philips MicroDose SI

Philips MicroDose mammography SI with single-shot spectral imaging delivers proven dose efficiency, outstanding image quality, and non-invasive spectral applications in one fast and comfortable mammogram. Designed to delight physicians, patients, and technologists, it helps deliver high-quality, efficient, patient-focused care.

Spectral information within the MicroDose mammogram
MicroDose SI adds a new advancement to this remarkable technology: non-invasive spectral imaging capability that holds promise of providing new insights into breast composition. Philips spectral imaging is unique, because photon counting makes it possible to acquire the spectral data in the same exposure as a regular, low-dose mammogram, and without the use of contrast media. This single-shot, non-invasive approach does not require adjustments to your current workflow, and no additional radiation dose is needed to acquire the spectral data. The first MicroDose SI spectral application, the Breast Density Measurement tool, can immediately make a difference for radiologists looking for an objective, quantitative method to assess breast density and refine risk assessment.


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