Dräger Fabius® Plus XL

The Fabius plus XL combines proven German engineering you can count on with high performance ventilation therapy. Thanks to its scalable design concept, it allows you to choose the quality workstation you want now without losing sight of your future goals and needs. 

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Dräger Primus®

Step up to the high standard of anaesthesia workstations and experience new levels of performance, efficiency and safety.

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Dräger Fabius® GS Premium

The Fabius GS premium is an anesthesia workstation that is simple to use, highly efficient. It features a solid design with modular architecture and a wide range of ventilation capabilities. Customize your Fabius GS premium exactly the way you need it. 

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Dräger Vamos

Designed to grow with your needs. Vamos has the flexibility to meet your requirements both now and in the future. The Vamos can be configured with CO2 and SpO2 monitoring and upgraded in the future to include monitoring for all 5 anesthetic agents and N2O. The upgrade option can easily be installed on site to minimize any disruption.


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Dräger Zeus® Infinity® Empowered

Combine the complete spectrum of ventilation therapy with unparalleled monitoring, automation, workflow and information management technology with Dräger’s most advanced anaesthesia workstation. 

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