Close Warming Theraphy

Dräger Isolette® C2000 with Cabinet Stand

Combines the essential microclimate neonates need to thrive with the ergonomics, accessibility and mobility required in today's NICU environments.

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Dräger Caleo®

The Caleo® provides an ideal microenvironment for neonates by delivering advanced thermoregulation parameters. The Caleo® offers ease of use, intelligent accessibility, and the nurturing power of developmental care- bringing practical benefits to infants, caregivers and parents.

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Dräger Isolette® 8000

Dräger sets the standard for thermoregulation with a host of performance features designed to provide a stable, cocoon-like environment for the baby. To ensure that the Thermo-Neutral Zone is maintained, the Isolette 8000 enables you to continuously monitor both the core and peripheral body temperature.

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