Mindray BeneHeart D1 Pro

BeneHeart D1 is a powerful automated external defibrillator (AED). Supporting you throughout the emergency response process, BeneHeart D1 is lightweight, compact, durable and very easy to use while offering all standard AED functions.

Based on biphasic technology, the delivered energy can be escalated to 300J and 360J. BeneHeart D1 allows you to improve the defibrillation success ratio by increasing the dose of subsequent shocks.


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Mindray BeneHeart D1 Public

Mindray BeneHeart D1 is designed to be reliable, simple and
easy to use by any rescuers.

7-inch TFT display offers clear guidance with color animations.
Auto-adjustable volume and screen brightness allow you to comfortably use D1 in a variety of environments. Pre-connected pads save time, and the pads connector can auto-identify patient so that a lower energy dose is delivered to pediatric patients.

The disposable battery with extended capacity supports more
than 300 shocks at 200J or 200 shocks at 360J.


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Mindray BeneHeart D3

BeneHeart D3 is a compact, lightweight defibrillator/monitor that integrates manual defibrillation, AED and pacing with comprehensive patient monitoring functions. Quick charging and energy delivery at customized energy levels aids effective resuscitation.

BeneHeart D3 offers responders vital signs monitoring including ECG,respiration, NIBP and SpO to enable continuous assessment of the 2 patient.


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Mindray BeneHeart D6

BeneHeart D6, a high-end professional biphasic defibrillator/monitor, meets different level requirements of medical professionals worldwide. The compact, durable, and ergonomic design of D6 integrates manual defibrillation, monitoring , pacing and AED functions. Its monitoring functions include 3/5/12 leads ECG, SpO , NIBP, Resp, 2-Temp, 2-IBP and EtCO . 2 2


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