B.Braun Dialog+

The Dialog+ sets standards with its three basic device configurations for extracorporeal blood treatment. The integrated and efficient treatment system permits users to have the greatest number of possible configurations in setting up the individual dialysis device.

The new generation of the Dialog demonstrates numerous comfort improvements for providers and patients. It also rigorously meets today’s economic and medical needs.

• 15” TFT / LCD Touch Screen Color Monitor
• Icon-driven Parameter Setting
• Tray Basket for Consumables Storage
• Ultrafiltration Profiles (10 Preset and 20 User Programmable)
• Sodium Profile (Infinite Combinations)
• Bicarbonate Profile (Infinite Combinations)
• Heparin Profile (Infinite Combinations)
• Dialysate Flow Profile (Infinite Combinations)
• Temperature Profile (Infinite Combinations)
• Kt/V Monitor
• Standby Mode
• Corrosion Resistant Housing and Base
• Programmable Weekly Disinfection Program
• Treatment and Disinfection History
• Online HELP System
• Integrated Maintenance Program
• Online Timer
• Back Up Battery

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