Philips MX16EVO2

Philips MX16EVO2 CT system helps you continue to evolve your care in important ways. The MX16 family offers outstanding clinical performance, high productivity, and reliability. The MX16EVO2 provides even greater advances by adopting exclusive and best-in-its-class technologies such as iDose4 and metal artifact reduction (MAR) from the Philips premium platform. This allows for superb image quality with low dose and advanced post-processing right at the console while providing low total cost of ownership.


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Philips Allura Xper FD10

Intelligent and intuitive integration of multi-modality imaging, patient information, and procedure specific applications in an interventional or hybrid surgical suite delivers the critical information physicians need to optimize interventions and determine the optimal course of treatment with greater predictability. Leverage 3D information to quickly assess the exact nature and location of the problem and reveal hidden risks to initial treatment strategy. Navigate in real time to precisely target treatment and optimize decision making; and receive immediate intra-operative feedback of therapy response. Whether performing an ablation, implanting a device, treating an aneurism or racing the clock to remove a clot, our Allura Xper family enables clinicians to deliver fast, effective and simplified procedures with a more efficient clinical workflow.


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Philips BV Pulsera

From standard pacemaker implants and biventricular implants to bypass checks and abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, the BV Pulsera has the imaging clarity and power to enable you to do your best work yet.

True to its name, the BV Pulsera pulses with power. Thanks to its highly efficient X-ray componentry and exceptional heat management capabilities, it keeps pace with your longest cardiovascular and interventional procedures. That's not all.


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Philips BV Vectra

Reliance on fast, quality imaging for orthopedic procedures is a given in your daily routine. Ease of use, ease of positioning, and the power to penetrate complex anatomies are key requirements. Our BV Vectra mobile C-arm system is intuitive to operate. You simply point and shoot. Its high quality images support you in providing excellent care. This compact system is dedicated to orthopedic surgical procedures, including trauma, spine, and pain management. The BV Vectra is perfect for visualizing difficult spiral or comminuted fractures to support the treatment of virtually everything from simple to challenging fractures.


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Philips Ingenia 3.0T

Philips Ingenia 3.0T, the first digital broadband MR scanner.

Powered by the breakthrough dStream architecture, the Ingenia 3.0T is the first MR system that brings MR signal digitization where it has never been before – in the RF coil, as close to the patient as possible. dStream unleashes the power of digitization by delivering a high purity MR signal for increased SNR, combined with enhanced workflow and ease of use for greater efficiency in your daily operations.



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Philips MammoDiagnost AR

Around the world, more and more healthcare professionals are shifting their focus to mammography. This is true for single medical facilities, as well as for governments planning to introduce screening in their countries. In choosing MammoDiagnost AR from Philips, you get a quality solution and the services associated with a global leader in healthcare and well-being.

MammoDiagnost AR key advantages:
Cost-effective solution for basic mammography exams, including screening and diagnostic and stereotactic biopsy
Smooth workflow and good image quality
All digital mammography enhancements available by adding PCR Eleva


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Philips MicroDose SI

Philips MicroDose mammography SI with single-shot spectral imaging delivers proven dose efficiency, outstanding image quality, and non-invasive spectral applications in one fast and comfortable mammogram. Designed to delight physicians, patients, and technologists, it helps deliver high-quality, efficient, patient-focused care.

Spectral information within the MicroDose mammogram
MicroDose SI adds a new advancement to this remarkable technology: non-invasive spectral imaging capability that holds promise of providing new insights into breast composition. Philips spectral imaging is unique, because photon counting makes it possible to acquire the spectral data in the same exposure as a regular, low-dose mammogram, and without the use of contrast media. This single-shot, non-invasive approach does not require adjustments to your current workflow, and no additional radiation dose is needed to acquire the spectral data. The first MicroDose SI spectral application, the Breast Density Measurement tool, can immediately make a difference for radiologists looking for an objective, quantitative method to assess breast density and refine risk assessment.


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Philips MobileDiagnost Opta

MobileDiagnost Opta is small, fast, and flexible, delivering quality diagnostic images on a managed budget.

Based on decades of expertise and innovation, this powerful compact mobile digital X-ray system is designed for all-around performance and fast return on investment.

It moves through crowded spaces in the OR, ER, ICU, and general wards with freedom and ease, bringing digital imaging right to the bedside.


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Philips Multiva 1.5T

Multiva 1.5T meets your need for fast, high-quality routine MR imaging, while excelling in advanced clinical areas so that you can tap new opportunities and expand your referral base.

Multiva delivers:
High quality routine imaging in as little as 10 minutes
Advanced clinical applications, including whole body, oncology and breast imaging
Up to 40% reduction in patient/coil set up time with new FlexStream workflow
Affordability – today and for the life of your system



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Philips PrimaryDiagnost DR

The PrimaryDiagnost DR has been designed to streamline the examination process, thus giving your staff time to focus on patient care, and outcome.

PrimaryDiagnost DR supports hospitals that carry out high volumes of examinations for a wide range of clinical applications including chest, abdominal, extremity, and free examinations.


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