Mission, Vision & Values

Mission & Vision
Medilines believes that all Filipinos deserve access to healthcare facilities with world-class medical equipment.
Medilines is committed to improving the lives of all Filipinos through the following:
  • By continuously introducing quality life-saving innovations to the Philippine market
  • By providing both government and private hospitals access to these top medical devices all over the country
  • By creating harmonious relationships with world renowned innovators 
  • By being a trusted partner of healthcare institutions and professionals in the categories we know best

The vision of Medilines is to be the country’s top provider of state-of-the-art medical equipment and other healthcare solutions.

Corporate Values


Mutual respect amongst our employees

Lean and efficient workforce 

Collaboration between principal, logistics suppliers and other partners


Value for money products and services

World’s best principals


Winning through hardwork 

Fairness in all of our dealings

Sincerity in our mission to improve lives


Fast response to our customers’ needs

Transparency to our stakeholders

Profit-focused management

Carefully selected suppliers with similar values