Investor Relation Program



The Investor Relations Office will implement the investor relations program to reach out to all shareholders and keep them informed of corporate activities. The office will also handle communication of relevant information to our stakeholders as well as to the broader investor community. The investor relations office will also be responsible for receiving and responding to investor and shareholder queries relating to our Company.


Ms. Maria Carmela D. Ochoa has been appointed by the Board as the Head of the Investor Relations Office and to serve as our Investor Relations Officer (“IRO”). The IRO will ensure that we comply with and file on a timely basis all required disclosures and continuing requirements of the SEC and the PSE. In addition, the IRO will oversee most aspects of the shareholders’ meetings, press conferences, investors’ briefings, and management of the investor relations portion of our website, which will contain information, including but not limited to:


a.   Company information (organizational structure, board of directors, management team)
b.   Company news (analyst briefing report, press releases, latest news, newsletters (if any))
c.   Financial report (annual and quarterly reports for the past two years)
d.   Disclosures (recent disclosures to PSE and SEC for the past two years)
e.   Investor FAQs
f.    Investor  Contact  (email  address  and  phone  numbers  for  feedback/comments, shareholder assistance and service)
g.   Stock Information


The Investor Relations Office will be located in our principal place of business with contact details as follows:


Landline: (632) 85191373