Siemens Healthineers Multix Impact

Radiography is a central, everyday touchpoint between patients, referring physicians, and your institution. Their perception of you can enhance – or hinder – your success. What if you could strengthen your image with every image you acquire? Our answer for both floor-mounted and ceiling-mounted radiography: MULTIX Impact & MULTIX Impact C. High-end technology and user-assisting system intelligence with myExam Companion – at an economical price. Each system combines the established, excellent MULTIX Impact imaging quality with brand new staff- and patient-friendly features.


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Siemens Healthineers Elara Max

In mobile X-ray imaging, it is essential to have a flexible and powerful machine that’s always ready. MOBILETT Elara Max is a lightweight and compact system that offers you maximum mobility and positioning flexibility even in tight spaces – with consistently high image quality. Its easy-to-clean design and unique antimicrobial coating make it a fully hygienic solution. Thanks to fast, secure, and seamless integration into your IT network, the machine gives you access to relevant data whenever you need it.


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Siemens Healthineers Polymobil Plus

Polymobil Plus offers mobile versatility for a multitude of applications.

Polymobil Plus makes it easy to bring the X-ray system to the patient. Whether for patient wards, intensive care, operating room, sports medicine practice, or for occupational medical facilities, Polymobil Plus is designed to give you high value for the investment.


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