Linear Accelerator

Varian Halcyon

Together with our customers, we’ve led radiotherapy innovation for years. Now, with Halcyon radiotherapy system—the newest treatment platform in the Varian portfolio—we’re helping create radiotherapy’s future.

Simple, efficient, and purposeful, Halcyon offers the potential to replicate treatment from machine to machine, practice to practice—putting patients and staff more at ease and delivering a high standard of care. Its advanced design is optimized to deliver quality cancer therapies for every appropriate patient, and every care center around the world.


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Varian True Beam

The TrueBeam system brings some of the most revolutionary thinking in cancer care into your clinic. This advanced technology offers a range of capabilities that turn leading research into integrated care. With these advances, you have more options for patients and more opportunities for your clinic.

Such versatility is why the TrueBeam system has been adopted by top clinics around the world. With this rapid growth, TrueBeam and Varian Medical Systems can help position your clinic at the forefront of the global fight against cancer. We know where we’re headed. Join us on the journey.


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Varian Vital Beam

The Vital Beam system brings advances and innovation to every radiation oncology clinic.

Using the same technology platform as the TrueBeam® system, Vital Beam can bedesigned and configured for the cases you treat the most. Its flexibility and speed make it a valuable addition to centers of any size.

In large radiation oncology practices and networks, VitalBeam fits seamlessly and harmoniously in to the workflow, creating a single, unified clinical environment that enhances efficiency, productivity and safety.


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