Mobilett Elara Max

Transform care delivery with MOBILETT Elara Max

Faced with the ongoing trend toward increasing efficiency and growing cost pressure, you as a healthcare provider might be looking for ways to optimize operations and improve productivity – without compromising on quality of care.

MOBILETT Elara Max helps you to transform care delivery, and makes a real and lasting difference to your entire department. 

MOBILETT Elara Max supports you in this challenge: The mobile X-ray system delivers exceptional results and offers unique features for enhancing efficiency and quality – and combines this with our extraordinary MAX advantages. Its easy maneuverability and flexible positioning improve  productivity and enable consistently high image quality at the patient’s bedside for excellent diagnostic  certainty. An easy-to-clean design and unique antimicrobial coating enhance infection prevention and control. Seamless and secure integration gives you access to relevant data where and when you need it. All this makes MOBILETT Elara Max a smart, compact, and powerful X-ray system that’s always ready to go.